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Quality woollen goods sourced from Scotland and the UK

Kingcraig offers beautiful, top quality Scottish woollen goods including fabrics, travel rugs and throws, scarves, bags, hats and clothing. The Brora store also has a wide selection of tweeds, tartans and knitting yarns. Due to customer demand, we have expanded into the home-furnishing market by increasing our range of upholstery and curtain fabrics.

Many of our woolen fabrics, yarns and products are sourced in the Highlands, while other goods are woven by a dedicated weaver in Huddersfield, with the finishing processes carried out in the Borders town of Galashiels before delivery to the Highlands.

With over 12 years experience under our belt, we understand our customers’ needs.

We specialise in

Natural Yarns

100% natural fibre



Scarves and Wraps

Large Selection of

Rugs and Throws

Kingcraig offers fabulous natural fibre knitting yarn, plus our own manufactured items such as all wool fabric, wool and cashmere throws and blankets and much more.

If you are looking for the perfect fabric for home furnishings, from upholstery use to curtains, blinds or cushions with a Scottish twist, we have the ideal range. We can also offer made to measure services.

By controlling production from sourcing the yarn through to the finished product, we can maintain extremely competitive prices while offering quality products. We specialise in 100 per cent natural fibre fabrics which are ideal for home furnishings, and we can even offer a bespoke fabric design and production service for larger orders.

At Kingcraig we are really proud of our shops, products and ‘old style’ customer service and we aim to offer a great customer experience whether it be online or in our stores.

Unique Range of

Hats and Caps


Home Furnishings

Finest Woven

Wool Ties

Inimitable Selection of


Tramadol To Buy, Tramadol Online Yahoo Answers

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Contact us